Saturday, September 8, 2007

week 9 #20 21,22,23

Hopefully this will finish THE 23 THINGS. #20 YOU TUBE was
a great site. Especially tv commericals. Had no luck putting the video
into my blog.

I am totally lost on #21 Podcast.

I really did not find anything interesting in #22.

#23 to summerize , yes it is good to accomplish you goals.
Although I will never use this type of technology again, I
did enjoy doing the avatar and wikis site and also the
YouTube. I am sure there are many usefuls ways and sites
to be use in the library system.

Granny is tired after all the work and even though I was not
able to experience all the right moves, can I at least get an E
for Effort.

week 2 #3 and # 4

Well as you can see granny is a little backwards. I did
week 2 but forgot to post. Thanks Ellen. My blog is set up
and I have been journaling along as you can see. Now to
go forward.

week 1 #1 #2 and #3

Granny did wk 1 #1 #2 and #3 but did not post it. So for the 71/2
habits the easiest for me is #1 setting a goal. I usually will set
a goal for whatever I do and always finish it. The hardest of the
7 1/2 habits is #6 Technology. I am not good at technology.
The rest of the habits are pretty much accomplished with me.
And just maybe one day this old granny will let technolgy
enter her life.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Week 8 #18 and #19

Granny's into week 8. I explored web 2.0 awards and selected
The Library Thing. There is a lot of selections such as book
suggestions, group talk and the buzz things along with other
features. Buzz thing is info on what's buzzing amoung other
library members. I also enjoyed reading the library blog.
The Library Thing has many uses for the library system.
Most of all I did enjoyed the wikis site.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

WEEK 7 #16 AND17

I found the wikis very interesting and enjoyable to look at and read.
On Book Lovers Wiki I found a book of Jodi Picoult to read, so I put
a hold on it(Harvest the Heart). I like Civil War history so I looked
at The Bull Run Library Wiki. I also found a site on the Wiki List of Topics-
History Battles.

I found interesting the List Of Topics. Contents went into at lot of
different links. The contents cover many different topics. The
wiki can be used as a reference for the library system. It's very easy to obtain.
The overview is outstanding.

Granny had a good time with the week 7 and exercise. This is
one time I didn't get frustrated.Days of frustration come when
I have tech exercises to do.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

week 6 #13,14,15

Ok, I found the bookmark site exciting but had no luck
understanding it.

Tagging could be fun but did not understand.

Future of libraries was interesting. When I have a patron who
shows interest, I will let them know about this site.

Again granny's not the computer wiz and knows that she will
never use this technology once this 23 things is over.

Maybe if I understood this type of technology I would enjoy
doing this.

All in all granny's coping.

Friday, August 24, 2007

week 5 #11 and 12

Checked out the library thing. Some people liked to read
what I liked. I like christian writers.

Rollyo not so interesting.

Granny's next stop week 6. I'am still hanging in there.